We proudly invite you to discover our "in house" artist, designer, photograph, colorist, ...  From small decorative items to signature pieces of furniture, the collection is carefully curated by Nadia, the passionate owner of the boutique.

MA CABANE is very proud to be the distributor for the Middle East for Ressource, a pioneering French high-end brand of decorative paints and wallpaper which combines heritage with innovation.


The colours of Ressource have been used to enhance numerous spaces in prestigious residences, hotels and restaurants across the world.  Every year, Ressource creates and makes a paint collection “signed” by a a modern designer (Philip Model, Robert Gervais, Serge Bensimon, Sarah Lavoine..) in order to continuously expand its range of colours.


The brand has also designed a range of finishes and technical products (primers, undercoats, varnishes, etc.) that adapt to all types of surfaces (from walls to even floorings) to ensure that the original shades remain consistent.


Inspired by their passion for colour, and after creating the signature collections of paints, Ressource added a collection of wallpaper. The wallpaper of Ressource is so refined you could almost talk about a decor. It’s printed on very special matte paper which makes the ink look like gouache. The motives are intense with deep colours. All the wallpapers are made in France and the inks respect the environment.  


The collection of Ressource contains more then 800 colors, sounds that too much to choose from? The Den also provides color advise.


" Our colour range aims to safeguard the memory of the past, reflect the creativity of the present and remain open to the future by regularly introducing new colours. "

MA CABANE proudly presents Maison Sarah Lavoine. As the exclusive seller in the whole UAE we brings you the very succesfull collection of Interior architect, product designer, artistic director, author and colourist, Sarah Lavoine. Her collection stands for a modern lifestyle à la Française. Her rooted Parisian tastes, elegance, discernment, curiosity and wanderlust are her signature.  


At MA CABANE, you’ll find a wide range from her collection.